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Our Values

Why We Need Values

The Church at Covenant Park's values are shaped by our Christian beliefs, and create mental and emotional images and spiritual boundaries that shape the behavior and ultimately the character of our church family. Our Values are derived from our understanding of the nature of God and the wisdom of His Word. We realize we will serve some value, either positive or negative, and must be diligent to create and grow a culture that reflects God’s wise values in how He relates to His people.

What Purpose Our Values Serve

Our values serve as a roadmap to our Covenant Family. Our church’s dreams, goals, attitudes, and actions are shaped by the values we hold. As we travel life’s journey we, at first, hold our values and then we find that our values hold us. They keep us on track with God’s vision, mission, and character. 

Where We Get Our Values

Because values are rooted in theological beliefs, we believe our values should reflect the Fruit of the Spirit and the Vision of our Church, and support the fulfillment of our Mission.

Our 7 Values


We will act with authenticity before God and others to maintain relational integrity in our interactions.

1 Timothy 4:12, Matthew 7:12


We will project an attitude of consideration and acceptance to help others feel “at home” in our presence.

Colossians 4:5-6, Hebrews 13:2 


We will strive to be aware of others’ needs and care enough to share our lives with them.

John 14:34, Matthew 9:36, Colossians 4:32


We will share our resources graciously as God brings needs to our attention.

Luke 10:33-34, Luke 6:38 


We will choose to overcome relational distance with attentive care and appropriate risk. It is saying: “Because I’ve been accepted to this point, I am willing to grow and take further steps.”

John 17:20-22, Psalm 139:23, Galatians 3:28


We will maintain an openness of our minds and hearts to the insights and knowledge God provides to make our life and ministry more Christ-like, joyful and reflective of His Kingdom.

Luke 10:27, Proverbs 1:5


We will strive to find better synergies and creative applications of knowledge and strategies to improve processes and experiences in life and ministry.

Matthew 7:7, Revelation 21:5, 2 Corinthians 5:17