meet the staff and elder team

The Church at Covenant Park strives for excellence.

Our definition of excellence is doing the best you can with everything God has given you. Excellence is the evidence of a really good steward. Jesus didn’t say love God based on how you feel, He said love God based on all you’ve got within you. Love lives excellently, that’s why we will ALWAYS be enthusiastic about excellence.

Lead Pastor

Dan Crow

He is the most talkative person on staff.  He talks on stage and in his sleep, non-stop.  Worry if he's not talking.  Click here to hear him talk...

Director of Operations & Youth

Paul Marshall

He talks a little, does more with his hands around the church.  Handy with all kinds of hand tools.  You'll never see both  hands in his pockets.  Does a lot of waving at people, animals and objects at a distance.  Click here to see his left hand.

Director of Worship & Arts

Matt Diehl

Flute and french horn worship pastor.  Wind instruments expert.  Can be found mostly in the men's or women's bathroom when not on stage.  Click here to blow on his horn.

Director of TCACP Kids

Joyce Feghali

We think she works here.

Financial Manager

Bonnie Bigham

Oversees all forms of money at the church.  She definitely works here and at the Sheriff's Office.

Ministry Assistant

Carla Spence

She does stuff.